“I started seeing Helen for sports massages as part of my marathon training preparation and recovering from a calf injury.


Helen has a very strong understanding of physiology and has consistently been able to identify and significantly assist any tightness and loosen up my legs.  This, combined with a very relaxed, friendly and thorough approach.


After nearly a year of regular appointments, Helen has become a crucial part of my physical maintenance for my future marathon and ultra marathon training.


As a runner, I would thoroughly recommend Helen at The Aurora Lifestyle.”


Andy Fortune 

“Hi Helen,


It is quite difficult to describe how I felt after your very deep and powerful massage.


I “floated” home afterwards, then just lay on the bed for an hour just to regain my equilibrium!


My body almost felt like it didn’t belong to me! And though I ached all over, incredibly I felt so much ‘lighter’ physically and emotionally.


Thankyou Helen, you truly have an amazing gift.


I hope I can enjoy the experience again very soon.


Keep smiling and be happy.”


Barbara Le Roux

“Helen is my go to sports masseuse; she has an amazing ability to find the exact areas that really need work. I use Helen before and after sports activity, whether that’s gym work or running, and I would thoroughly recommend her.”


Martyn White

“Helen is without doubt the best sports massage therapist I have come across.


She is incredibly professional, knows her stuff inside and out.


She gentle advises on other issues such as diet and lifestyle, without banging the drum.


Helen’s new studio is first class and in great location in middle of St Helier.


The greatest complaint I can give, is I will definitely continue to use her services in 2019.”


Jim Diamond 

“I have been seeing Helen now for 6 months and I can say without hesitation, that she is great at what she does. Not only is she skilled and knowledgeable, but she also is an incredibly lovely person.


Helen always listens well and takes the time to go through my needs and concerns. She skilfully works on my problem areas and I feel tonnes better after each and every treatment.


I would recommend Helen to anyone who needs massage therapy delivered in a relaxing, friendly and professional environment.”


Crissie Roque