Posture correction


Improving your posture and optimising your movement


It is a different concept of training to traditional methods which emphasises on natural human movements.

By focusing on natural human movement and diaphragmatic breathing we can address the dysfunctions in our body caused by modern living.

Modern living affects our posture not in a good way. Rather than using the natural movements of walking, running and throwing we sit at desks and travel by car, leading us to this new adopted posture of rounded shoulders, arched backs and forward head position. No wonder we are moving in pain nowadays. To correct this and for us to expect to live a pain free life we need to go back to the foundation of human movement which is our posture and gait cycle.

When we have our natural movement back we can then create a more sustainable body that has improved capability of responding to stressors in it’s environment.


Myofascial release (using med balls, lacrosse balls, theracane, foam roller etc…)

Realignment techniques

Static stretching

Postural corrective exercises

Multi-plane ballistic movement

Pendulum movements

Strength and conditioning


Corrects your posture and alleviate pain

Injury prevention

Decreases stress on the spine and other joints in the body

Improves energy

Helps you to move efficiently

Your body becomes malleable

Improves your breathing

This service is now available, and the following sessions will be available

to help return you back to your natural movement:

Trigger point release classes

Private 1:1 oFP sessions (functional pattern training)

It’s time to break this cycle of dysfunction and pain.