The Aurora Lifestyle - Helen Papworth

About The Aurora Lifestyle



The Aurora Lifestyle was created to help improve the way you move. By reminding your body how to reconnect with its natural flow of movement. Allowing you to move through life with ease knowing that your mind and body is synchronising together.

With our knowledge of anatomy and physiology we can release the stress and strains caused by dysfunctional movement patterns, enabling you to feel the freedom of movement again.



How we help your body to function correctly again is through Sports Massage, Pilates and Functional Pattern Exercises.



We also offer Equipilates, which is sports specific for horse riders. We help you as a rider to improve your postural alignment, partnership and performance.



Here at The Aurora Lifestyle our focus is to move together.



Hello, my name is Helen Papworth, I’m the founder of The Aurora Lifestyle.


I always wanted to work with horses or in the sports and health industry. My dream started to come true when I studied in Cyprus in 2010 and qualified as a personal trainer and sports masseuse. Since qualifying, I have worked in local gyms and a health agency within Jersey.


Through my passion of show jumping, and understanding of the sport, I wanted to specialise in this area. In 2014, I qualified as an Equipilates Instructor, which focuses on helping riders to understand the importance of posture and symmetry, in the saddle, through a series of exercises and pilates movements.


Having this qualification has allowed me, not only to focus on the horse riders but, to be open to everyone in general by understanding the biomechanics of the human body, utilising this through sports massage, Pilates and personal training making it specific to each individual and their needs.




Our passion is to feel and see your body move naturally without tension or stress.